Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Award again in August 2011 first posting at this month..Yeapppyyyy..I've got blog award again from my lovely blogger friends :). I'm HAPPY..:), yes because not only one award..but TWO award..^.^.

Here they are...
Stylish Blogger Award 

Special thanks to Mba yuyun, Arka's Handycraft dan Mba Ichi, GoodThinks..buat Award yang keren ini..:). pardon me..if too late to publish here..hehehe:P

And the rule for this award is ..:

1. thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
Thank you for  Mba Yuyun & Mbak Ichi..for this  award...* jadi terharu...cium pipi satu-satu * :)

2. share 8 things about myself.
  1. Love handmade things..
  2. Love Yellow colour..since i was @ highschool
  3. Love singing..hehe..
  4. Really hate to be lied but  easly forgive :P
  5. Love strawberry and cheese
  6. Love to spent 'me time' in my lovely bedroom :D
  7. Love to make a new friend..
  8. Loving my dad,, my mom,,luv them all..:)
And second award is come from Natura , OwlieLolie 
Thanks a bunch nat..for this award *kisss..:*
and because i have already get this award you can see my homework for this award  here..:D

And i 'd love to give this award to...
1. Mba Tyka, ndutyke handmade
3. Mba indah apsari, mochie2 felt
5. Mba arie, thecranberrishow
6. ciss, cisshandmade
7.Middy stephanie, achter
8.And the last i give it back to you natura...:D

Thank You all...^.^
And happy fasting...


6 komentar:

  1. Horeeee, makasih ya Dini, namaku tak disangka dan tak diduga muncul disini :) sukses juga buat Kiyut Handycraft ^_^

  2. waaa makasih ya neng :)
    segera dikerjakeun...

  3. mbaakk..dya gak mudeng ini trus digimanain ..hehehe:P maklum masih baru di dunia per-blog an.haha:D
    Mohon bantuannya ya mbak cantik ^^ hihi..
    * ahhhhh malunyyaaaa >,<

  4. @mba rika,,makasih mba..:)

    @dya ciss, sama2 dear..^^ dikerjain ya pe ernya :D

    @mba arie, hihi,,thank you too..^.^

    @mba tyka, sippp d^^ tunggu ya pe ernya..segera meluncurke blognya nti..:)


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