Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

'Floney' BB pouch for dian..^.^

Another pouch in July..This is request from Dian my friend during in a highschool ..:). She does'nt give me a special order for pouch that  want to made. So i made this one, a pouch with a mix of yoyo fabric flower and flower shape button for the ornaments. I hope she like it..:)

Note :
100% handstich
Material :  felt ( outter ), sponbund ( inner ) , embroidery thread,elastic strap, ribbon, button
Photo by :  Kiyut 


3 komentar:

  1. Ungu bangett!.. I love Ungu, and the button is so cute Dhin..

  2. @mba vita,..hihi itu ungu ya kliatannya:D, padahal itu warnanya agak fushia ..mgkn krn fotonya agak gelap jadi kliatan ungu ya?:)..thank you mba ^^

  3. mbak edhini, pouch seperti ini dijualnya berapaan sih? jadi pengen bikin juga buat dijual pas arisan, hehehe.... :D



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