Kamis, 14 Juli 2011


Alhamdulillah .. I've got blogger award again ..^.^, and now for the second award i've got from Dini -B3craft..Thank you ya din...:).
The rules of this award is, I must to tell 7 things about my self and share this award for 15 blogs,, (hmm..musr be 15 yah..hehe..:D , okay..

7 Things about my self is ..:
  1. The first animal character i like the most is Piyo-piyo :D, and i've collect anything about piyo-piyo since I was in High school until College :P
  2. My favourite colors is Yellow, Pink , White, Purple, and Brown ^^
  3. I like to eat everything made of and have a taste of strawberry :D
  4. I fallin in love with YOGA since 2 years ago ^^
  5. I'm a dreamer sometime..:P.And until now I  still have a  big dream to designing  my own house , live in w/ my little family, and where in it , i have my own lovely craft room :D
  6. Love culinary, but not able to cooking well :P
  7. Like travelling with all my big  family..^^
Oke now , I'd like to give this award to ...:
1 . Mba Citra-Innocentia
2. Mba Puri-Olin - Idekuhandmade
3. Mba Imel -Sew Stories
4. Mba Fitri-Griya Hobi Fitriaa
5. Mba Hanny - Pojok Utak-atik
6. Belinda - Myurbey
7. Mba Rutska dkk - Bento mania
8. Mba Vita - Kriya-Hobby-kreasi

9. Mba Sari - Ammi&abi
10.Mba Tiwi - Tiwi Felt
11-15..I give to you all ..who follow this blog hehehe..:D *Smooch


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  1. pe er nya udah dikerjain nih...hehehhe

  2. @abell, U're welcome bell..*hugss :)

    @ dini, sudah dong hehe..makasih ya din ;)


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