Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

'Floney' BB pouch for dian..^.^

Another pouch in July..This is request from Dian my friend during in a highschool ..:). She does'nt give me a special order for pouch that  want to made. So i made this one, a pouch with a mix of yoyo fabric flower and flower shape button for the ornaments. I hope she like it..:)

Note :
100% handstich
Material :  felt ( outter ), sponbund ( inner ) , embroidery thread,elastic strap, ribbon, button
Photo by :  Kiyut 


Senin, 18 Juli 2011

Angry Birds Pouch for Lita..^.^

My cousin dek inok told me that her best friend Lita request a phone cell pouch. She like angrybirds character, so want me to  make her pouch with angry bird character for the ornaments. Hope you like it Lita..:)

Note :
100% handstich
Material :  felt ( outter ), sponbund ( inner ) , embroidery thread,elastic strap, ribbon, button
Photo by : Logie & Kiyut 

'Floo' a denim pouch for Blackberry Torch ^.^

This is my another project for pouch in July. My friend Bunda Liza from bento si Ayah, request a pouch for her blackberry torch. She told me she want her pouch use denim for finishing. She also want me to make  a fabric  flower application for the front ornament of her pouch.

Honestly, i  had never  make cell phone pouch of denim fabric before with all  handstich :D. When i accept her request, i just tought that it wil be great challenge for me to make pouch with other finishing besides from felt..^^.
 (my first skecth :P)

And yippie..i did it ..here the pouch..^.^. Hope you enjoy it Bunda Liza :))

Note : 
100% handstich
Material : denim and cotton fabric, felt ( outter ), cotton fabric ( inner ) , embroidery thread,elastic strap,  fabric button
Photo by : Logie & Kiyut


A few weeks ago my college friend, Pita has request a pouch for her blackberry. She told me that she like black and white colour, and cow to her favaourite animal caracter . So i make it this..Blackberry pouch with cute cow in front of it. Hope see like it..:)

Note : 
100% handstich
Material :
Material : felt ( outter ), spoundbun ( inner ) , embroidery thread, Button

Kamis, 14 Juli 2011


Alhamdulillah .. I've got blogger award again ..^.^, and now for the second award i've got from Dini -B3craft..Thank you ya din...:).
The rules of this award is, I must to tell 7 things about my self and share this award for 15 blogs,, (hmm..musr be 15 yah..hehe..:D , okay..

7 Things about my self is ..:
  1. The first animal character i like the most is Piyo-piyo :D, and i've collect anything about piyo-piyo since I was in High school until College :P
  2. My favourite colors is Yellow, Pink , White, Purple, and Brown ^^
  3. I like to eat everything made of and have a taste of strawberry :D
  4. I fallin in love with YOGA since 2 years ago ^^
  5. I'm a dreamer sometime..:P.And until now I  still have a  big dream to designing  my own house , live in w/ my little family, and where in it , i have my own lovely craft room :D
  6. Love culinary, but not able to cooking well :P
  7. Like travelling with all my big  family..^^
Oke now , I'd like to give this award to ...:
1 . Mba Citra-Innocentia
2. Mba Puri-Olin - Idekuhandmade
3. Mba Imel -Sew Stories
4. Mba Fitri-Griya Hobi Fitriaa
5. Mba Hanny - Pojok Utak-atik
6. Belinda - Myurbey
7. Mba Rutska dkk - Bento mania
8. Mba Vita - Kriya-Hobby-kreasi

9. Mba Sari - Ammi&abi
10.Mba Tiwi - Tiwi Felt
11-15..I give to you all ..who follow this blog hehehe..:D *Smooch


Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Yeayy another Juli giveaway..^.^

Awww...senangnya bulan July ini banyak banget temen2 yang ngadain giveaway..^^..Yup mereka  adalah..*jreng..jreng...jreng..

{1stGive Away}Ammi & Abi

Ammi & Abi nyediain 2 hadiah yang super duper cakep loh..
1. Totebag yang cakep
 2. pouch imut ini...
 Caranya gampang tinggal klik disini, trus ikutin ajah petunjuknya..:).

Dan giveaway kedua yang aq ikutin adalah giveaway dari Desa Boneka

Kali ini Desa boneka mau kasih hadiah yang gak kalah menarik lho...yaitu Animal Bookmark Collection..
Semoga kali ini aqu bisa dapetin giveawaynya..:).
Yang mau ikutan caranya gampang kok tinggal klik disini, ikutin deh petunjuknya..dan tunggu pengumumannya sampai  30 July 2011..:)




Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Another handphone pouch in JULY :)

HI welcome again in JULY..Hope in this month, i still have more spirit  to finished some of my last month project..:D.
And this is some pouch which I have been made to my beloved friend & colleague :D..

 (BB pouch request by Mrs. Wulan)

(HP pouch request by my best friend Dewi)

Note  :
100% handstich
Material : felt ( outter ), spoundbun ( inner ) , embroidery thread, Button

Cheers ^.^,

Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Cocomomo July giveaway :)

Pas istirahat siang buka FB eh ada info giveaway dari Dini -B3craft yaitu give away dari mba ayang - cocomomo :D( hihihi  thank you ya din ^.* ). Gimana gak tertarik tuh, liat aja gambar pouch camnya yang keren2 dan cakep2  :D. Semoga aq bisa menangin 1 dari 10 pouch cocomomo ini yaa  ^.^ ( Sssttt..pantang nyerah walau blm pernah kedapetan giveaway , hikss T.T ) .Mau ikutan juga?? tinggal klik ajah disini. :)
Wish me luck YA.......^.^

Happy Crafting,