Rabu, 07 September 2011

Happy Birthday Nada ^.^

 Just a little gift for nada my niece...Hope she like it... Enjoy the party girl ^.*
 (kukuruyuk 'greeting doll' & rainbow hat)

 ( "rainbow' the birthday hat, special request from nada's mom :))

 ("kukuruyuk" the greeting doll :))

(detail greeting with hand stich)

Note :

100% handstitch
Material doll : cotton fabric , felt (outer), dacron (inside),ribbon, embroidery thread
Material hat : full felt (outer),  embroidery thread


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  1. helow dhini, kunjungan balik niy!^^ very nice blog!^^ likey!

  2. @mba rika..mba citra dan printiland..tengkyu ^.^

    @mba regina, hwaaa terimakasih ya mba sudah berkunjung ^.^


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