Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Kiyut featured on Innocentia's Blog ( Creating Success Around The World) ^^

Hello bloggers..long time no posting , now i want to share a good news to all of you. Yeayy Kiyut has just  featured on Innocentia blog. Yes, I was surprised and honoured when get an email from Mba Dewi Citra Sari - Innocentia. She asked me to be her guest blogger, that so-called "Creating Success Around The World".

Thank you very much Mba Dewi Citra Sari for the invitation. I love your amazing and wonderful blog, that very inspiring and creative. Hope you and Innocentia could be successfull and always be inspiring to many people. Happy Crafting ! ^__^


2 komentar:

  1. Selamat yah mba :) jd makin ngetop aja nih ^_^

  2. Selamat ya Mbak Dhini ^^
    Oh iya, Mbak dari Sidoarjo yaa... wah qt sama2 arek Sidoarjo kalo gt :D
    pingin kpn2 bisa kopdaran.. Semoga aja aq bs ikutan mampir ke workshop n bazar tgl 1 April nanti.. Aamiin....


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