Kamis, 28 April 2011

Nightmare series ( special order for someone special too:))

Special made for someone special..This is it..."Nightmare..felt doll key chain and HP pouch "^.^
(nightmare doll key chain)

(nightmare doll key chain and pouches)

Note :
100% handmade
Material : felt ( outer ) spunbound ( inner ), dacron, yarn, ribbon
(photo by : Logie dai anuru )


Selasa, 12 April 2011

Couple felt doll ^.^

(photo by logie dai anuru)  

This is order from my friend Karis. He want to give her girlfriend spesial gift for her birthday. I made it around 2-3 days..take much time isn' it??..hehe..because I made it after my office hour...(what's two busy night for me :P ). I try to made it so perfect and similiar with they ' look' as I can :). Honest this is the first time for me  to make felt doll..hehe..And Alhamdulillah my pilot project 'felt doll' couple edition has finished...:). Hope Karis and her girlfriend like it..^.^

(Photo by logie dai anuru)

Note :
Material Doll :
felt, dacron, embroidery thread
Material Box :
duplex paperboard, mika,wrapping paper


Selasa, 05 April 2011

MY cutee felt onigiri...^>^

(Photo by logie dai anuru )
(Photo by logie dai anuru )

Yeay...i'm back...^^
Setelah sekian lama tertunda...akhirnya selesai juga bikin proyek cute felt onigirinya..^^..So  cute and colorfull aren't they??...^.*